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Chelsea Stewart, LMHC
licensed mental health counselor (fl)

Hey there! I’m Chelsea. 

This thing called “life” is definitely not easy and it is definitely not easy going through its hardships, obstacles and challenges alone.  You taking the first step in acknowledging that it can be much easier done with the help of someone else is an accomplishment in itself.  I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor committed to helping you learn how to build healthier relationships with yourself and those around you, reframe your thoughts, process your stressors, and even improve your ability to take care of yourself, increase your self-esteem and learn more about self-love so that you may see your life through a clearer more vibrant lens. 

I graduated from the University of South Florida with my Bachelors in Psychology and my Masters in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling. I have worked with a plethora of populations including but not limited to perinatal health, domestic violence, homeless veterans, substance use, the school system, couples, and children and their families.  Issues that I have assisted with are addictions, grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, body image, postpartum issues, gender identity, behavioral issues, parenting, money management, weight management, career counseling and much more. 

My work focuses on targeting ineffective behaviors, habits, and beliefs that have essentially hindered growth and have kept you “stuck.” It has been my experience that taking a collaborative approach in treatment with my clients is the best way to reach their goals. Through the use of Cognitive Processing Therapy, DBT, CBT, and other trauma focused and strength based interventions, we will tackle and process the issues at hand.  I'm a firm believer that therapy is a two way relationship between therapist and client and will only work depending on the motivation of the client and the amount of work put into making those changes for yourself. I will be your biggest cheerleader and will be there to celebrate you to your finish line. I am passionate about watching you grow both internally and externally. Being able to watch you as my client successfully reach your goals during your therapeutic process and witnessing the positive changes in your life will be rewarding.

In my free time, I enjoy a good binge watch of my favorite reality tv shows, spending quality time with my daughter (my mini), eating good foods, traveling to visit family and watching a beautiful sunset. 

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