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Wendy Price, LMHC
licensed mental health counselor (fl)

Hey there. My name is Wendy Price and I am a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida.


I began serving clients in the substance abuse/co-occurring field over a decade ago and during this time I was introduced to the power of partnering with animals to assist individual
healing. These experiences left me wanting more so I went back to school, earned my master’s degree, and eventually attained licensure. I am trained in EMDR, a student of Rapid Resolution Therapy, and I hold several certifications for equine assisted services.


My work with individuals is focused on identifying what is holding one back, gently letting go of the parts that no longer serve, and mindfully practicing a new way of being. There is one ingredient that must be present in the therapeutic relationship and it is CONNECTION.


Clients often come to me stuck, numbed out, isolated, and our relationship may be the first healthy connection they have experienced in a long time. My understanding of people as an
interconnected system consisting of the individual, family, community, and the beyond is the foundation of how I serve. Looking through the lenses of neurobiology, evidence-based trauma approaches, mindfulness, mind-body connection, attachment theory, and metaphor builds on this foundation.


Life is all about the experiences. My days consist of serving others professionally and personally, walks in nature, yoga, Pilates, functional fitness, and connecting with animals particularly my dog, Scarlet Begonias aka Be.