therapist (fl)

Hi! I’m Mandi!


I am a licensed counselor in Florida and North Carolina.  I am also a licensed marriage and family therapist in Florida.  I have been practicing for 17 years mainly focused in addictions. Six years ago, after the birth and subsequent two months NICU stay of my son, I began shifting my attention to new moms.  


I began counseling women with secondary infertility struggles, long-term NICU moms, perinatal and postpartum moms after suffering with postpartum depression and anxiety myself. Motherhood can be lonely and struggling alone is something no mom should have to go through.  I integrate alternative healing methods with counseling including food for mood regulation, vitamin and mineral supplements, and holistic remedies. Not all treatment has to include prescription medication, especially while breastfeeding. 


In my spare time I enjoy listening and playing music, spending time with my family, and watching college football.