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We're Circle of Hope (TM) a specialized gift registry service for pregnant and postpartum persons. 

Become a part of our registry and get more clients!

Every year in the United States, birthing persons bring about 4 million babies earth-side. Before baby (or babies) arrive, there are thoughts about names, nursery decorations, and all the things baby needs. SO many things!

But what about the birthing person's needs?

Babies need a lot. It's true. Moms and birthing persons have a lot of needs too. Most of which go unaddressed because of lack of knowledge in what they need during pregnancy (and postpartum) but also, mainly, because of lack of financial support for things insurance may not cover.

What's in it for me?

  • More client phone calls

  • More ways to help people learn how they can help their birthing person.

  • More opportunities to do what you love!


Join us at Circle of Hope and get your passionate, high quality care out to birthing persons who need you the most!

Let us know who you are by selecting how you help below, fill out our interest form, and let's get you started!

I'm a:

Birth Doula

birth doula png.png

Licensed Lactation
Support Provider

Postpartum Doula/Night Time Support

Licensed Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Counselor (PMH-C)

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