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Dr. Sherry Cooper, PsyD LMFT
licensed therapist (fl)

Dr. Cooper is a licensed marriage and family therapist and postdoctoral psychology fellow. She has over 18 years of experience working in the mental health and education fields.  She has worked as a school-based mental health counselor in elementary and middle schools, child and family therapist, substance abuse counselor, couples’ therapist, inpatient therapist, and psychology professor. 


Dr. Cooper is also a registered yoga teacher and enjoys incorporating valuable aspects of yoga into therapy if the patient is interested.  The aspects of yoga that she has found most valuable are decreasing stress, increasing awareness, and building a healthy relationship with self.  Yoga is so much more than the physical aspect that has taken over the western world. 


Learning about attachment parenting as an undergraduate student really inspired Dr. Cooper. She has used that philosophy to guide in the parenting of her two children. She breastfed both children and has been featured in breastfeeding campaigns and a book. She was a homeschooler and believes education starts at home.  Being a parent has been and is her favorite position of all.


Self-care is important to Dr. Cooper.  She makes time for self-care daily.  She enjoys watching boxing, reading, yoga, running, traveling, and going any place where she can hang her hammock to relax.