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Ashleigh received an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of South Florida. She has been fortunate to have 15 years of experience in varying areas of social work. She has worked in early childhood development, family therapy, children and adolescent issues, human trafficking and geriatrics. Through these experiences, Ashleigh has developed a strong passion for women and children and has made it a mission to assist them in walking through and healing from traumatic experiences.


After experiencing a traumatic birth, delivery and NICU stay with her first child , her desire to serve woman in the perinatal stages of life grew. Ashleigh seeks to validate the myriad emotions and questions that women experience as moms and uses education and unconditional positive regard to challenge the unrealistic pressures and expectations that society often places on the birth and mothering experiences.


Ashleigh is mom to three wonderfully rambunctious kiddos and spends her days homeschooling, exercising and trying to squeeze in quality time with her husband of 13 years. 

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