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Lactation and Feeding

Adding a baby to your family can be a journey filled with joy and excitement. For some, the joy of this new adventure can be clouded by exhaustion and frustration because of lactation and feeding struggles.

Your lactation consultant will provide you holistic support to ensure you and your baby enjoy the bonding that comes with feeding time.

With the support of a lactation consultant you and your family can regain joy in the journey of feeding and watching your baby thrive.  

How We Help

How We Help

Virtual Support

Sometimes the easiest way to feel supported by a lactation consultant is from the comfort of your own home. 
Having virtual lactation support:

  • Increases access to your lactation consultant with easy online booking.

  • Keeps everyone at home healthy during high cold and flu seasons.

  • Removes the barrier of distance and travel fees you pay if your consultant is outside of your area. (we can see you anywhere in the state of Florida!)

In Office Support

For some, having support in person feels like the best support. Because of that, we have created a space for in person support with your lactation consultant. In-person lactation support:

  • Gives you hands on support in person.

  • Allows mom and baby a chance to get out into the world for a little while.

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