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Alexandra Washington, MSW
registered social work Intern (fl)

Hi! I’m Alexandra!


Being human is hard. In addition to daily challenges, many of us weren’t shown how to connect with, express, or manage emotions effectively through frustration, anger, fear, hurt, and deep sadness. Depending on the environment, we may have been restricted from acknowledging emotions or antagonized for having them.

My approach to therapy is simple!  My therapeutic style is warm, collaborative, realistic, and empathetic. I am not a “how did that make you feel?” only, type of therapist. I will make you do homework and challenge you, respectfully. I will hold you accountable to the change you want to see… but I will also empower you by reminding you of your strengths, resilience, and ability to sustain change. You and I are a team! 

Prior to joining Her Hope, I was an Adolescent Therapist, Diversion & Human Trafficking Specialist/Coordinator, Family Care Manager, Dependency Care Manager and so on. Within that time, I’ve worked with an array of clinical issues that were related to chronic stress and anxiety, trauma (sexual), PTSD, substance use, ADHD/ADD/ODD, PANDAS, autism, eating disorders, mood disorders (Bipolar, Dysthymia), and personality disorders (Borderline, Histrionic).

I incorporate a variety of evidence-based modalities into therapy. Each tailored to the individual. I have experience utilizing CBT/TF-CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy/trauma focused-CBT), DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy), EFT (emotional freedom tapping/technique), SFBT (solution focused behavioral therapy), NT (narrative therapy), Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness. Regardless of the modality, the approach is always trauma informed and strengths based. I am a Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (BS in Psychology/Minor in Healthcare Management) and Capella University (MSW) alumnus.

In my spare time, I love to sleep 😊. I also enjoy eating, traveling, being still (weird, right?), and spending time with The Crew (husbae and two amazing kids) and family.


I would be honored to be a part of your journey, see you soon!

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