Pricing & Resources


  • 15 Minute Phone Consultation - Free

  • Initial Assessment (Our First Meeting) 120 minutes - $225.00

  • Individual Counseling Session 50 Minutes - $150.00

  • Individual Counseling Extension (In 30 Minute Increments) - $75.00

  • Family Session (For patient support) 90 Minutes - $225.00

  • Messaging (Supportive service) - $25.00 (per 15 minutes)

  • FMLA/Short-Term Disability Documentation - $50.00 

medication management

  • Psychiatric/Medication Management Assessment 60 Minutes - $250.00

  • Medication Management/Follow Up 30 Minutes - $125.00 

active duty service members & their families


Why Don't You Accept All Insurance?

Great question! We value the benefits insurance tends to have for many. We've come a long way with mental health coverage and insurance. But not far enough yet. Insurance companies tend to limit services we are able to provide usually only allowing for 45 minute sessions (even if you need more time) and may limit the amount of time you can receive therapy. To do our best work, and, for you to get the most out of your work in therapy, we've decided only to accept a select few health insurances. 

What if I need your services but can't afford it?

We're excited to offer several resources to help make the counseling you need more affordable ranging from hardship pricing to companies we've partnered with to help you make installment payments for your counseling sessions.

Click the button below to learn about those resources!



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Financial hardships often compound the already complicated emotions women feel during pregnancy and after giving birth. With that in mind, we've created a way for moms-to-be and moms to find the help they need to get back to feeling like themselves. Moms and/or pregnant women, can receive weekly counseling for between $40.00 and $90.00 a session until their children reach the age of 2 years old.

Each situation is different, so we ask that you give us call or click the button below to learn what pricing might fit for you and your family.

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