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For People Helpers

    Therapists, physicians, nurses, midwives, doulas, first responders. As people who help people, you have the toughest jobs there are. You hear, and see, individuals and families at their most vulnerable points in life. Sometimes, it can be hard not to take some of it home with you.

Making it even harder to juggle responsibilities to your patients and the desire to be fully present with your loved ones.


    Sometimes, as people helpers, things are hard to "un-see" and "un-hear".  Schedule a consultation with one of our therapists who focus solely on helping those who help people.

Counseling For People Helpers

Materials For My Patients

    Being a care provider is hard work. You love the work you do and you care about your patients and their well-being. Sometimes, it can be hard to shoulder the responsibility of the total care of you patients. A lot can come up in your appointments with patients that can leave you wondering how to close the loop of care for them. 

    Let our team of trained reproductive and maternal mental health professionals help you close that loop with the teens and women you and your team care for. 

   We'll get business cards and some brochures over to you to help guide your patients in the right direction to manage their mental and emotional health. One of our favorite things to do is help support providers, like you, in the amazing work you ALREADY do with your patients. Click the button below to order your free materials.

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