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A group for new parents needing some extra support


New to being a parent or are you a new parent for a 2nd, 3rd, our 4th time? If yes, we created this therapeutic group is for you!

Being a new parent (no matter how many times over) can be great AND tough. We can feel alone in adjusting to our new little ones, we can feel alone in the feelings that sometimes pop-up. 


Between 1 in 3 and birthing people experiences postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety after the birth of their first child and these numbers increase with every child after. Out of those people, only 15 percent get help the help they need. 

 Being a new parent can be hard and it's important to know you don't have to do this alone!


This is a 6 group package: $270.00

Better Together

  • This product gives you 6 sessions to attend. Sessions are to be attended once a week. This is an ongoing group and you are able to buy more sessions in 6 session increments.

  • There are no returns allowed for these services. You have 8 weeks to utlize sessions from start date. If sessions fall on a holiday, you will be credited for the session for the following week the group sessions resume. 

    If you are ill or unable to attend session due to an emergency, we will hold the session over for the following week.

    Choosing not to attend session will result in forfeiting that missed session unless 24 hours notice is provided to Her Hope Behavioral Health, or it's agents.

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